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About Panther City & Patio

Our Team, Your Team.

Panther City Arbor & Patio was founded with the desire to create spaces that bring people together. We wanted to build a construction company that operated on the basis of honesty and integrity towards our customers and employees alike. This means being upfront with our customers on fitting into a budget they feel good about, designing a space that will fit their lifestyle, and delivering a finished product that they are thrilled over.  

We have built a best-in-class team to execute exceptionally designed backyards in Fort Worth. We take pride in the quality of construction that our teams are delivering every week and the level of service and communication we provide our customers throughout that process. Beyond just creating incredible backyards, we enjoy working together as a team and finding the fun in what we do.

About Panther City & Patio

Meet the Team


Dustin Hillman

Dustin Hillman


Fun Fact: Dustin’s first scuba dive was in shark channel.

Learn More About Dustin

Dustin was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. He started his first business as a teen, mowing lawns in his neighborhood, that continued through his college years when he began doing some small outdoor hardscapes. He eventually landed a large project in Possum Kingdom which launched his career in Outdoor Living. With over 20 years in the business, he has refined his design expertise and has built a team to create superior outdoor living spaces. But Dustin is not all work and no play, with three young daughters there is lots of playing to be done. Most Saturday mornings, you’ll catch Dustin down at the ball field watching his girls playing soccer. He also enjoys taking his wife, Chelsy, out to try new restaurants in Fort Worth. Dustin has a passion for building the kingdom of Christ and considers it a privilege to get to meet, know, and witness to so many incredible customers in our city.

Chelsy Hillman

Chelsy Hillman

Special Project Manager

Fun Fact: Chelsy led a streak of (mostly) innocent pranks in high school.

Learn More About Chelsy

Chelsy is the “better half”, as some like to call her, to the Hillman partnership. She is a full time stay at home mom to their three daughters, but she is at the showroom a few days every week. Chelsy started her career in merchandising, working for The Home Depot in Atlanta and then moved to Fort Worth to work for Dickies work wear. After having their first daughter, the transition made sense to join the team and assist in the showroom merchandising and operations. When Dustin is envisioning big picture plans, Chelsy is thinking through the scheduling and logistics of those plans and that’s what makes them great partners, both in business and life.

Devyn Bishop

Devyn Bishop

Project Manager

Fun Fact: Devyn’s first live concert was Taylor Swift – Ask him about it.

Learn More About Devyn

Devyn joined Panther City Arbor & Patio in its infancy and was one of the first construction site employees. He has watched our company grow and evolve while we have been able to watch him live through many major milestones in his life. Since joining our team, he has gotten married and had a daughter join their family. Devyn is always quick to offer a smile and he never backs down to the challenges we throw his way.

Tom Stephenson

Tom Stephenson


Fun Fact: Tom has “failed” to retire 3 times!

Learn More About Tom

We call Tom the “Educator” because we don’t see him as only a salesperson, but first as an educator to our future customers. Tom has had many careers in various industries, so he brings a unique perspective to our team. So many people call us or come into our showroom having little idea of what the potential is for their space and Tom expertly lays out the possibilities. He explains the process and rough pricing to help our customers feel more confident as they move into the design phase.

Isaac Hernandez

Isaac Hernandez

Office Manager

Fun Fact: Isaac led mission trips to 4 different countries on 3 continents.

Learn More About Isaac

Isaac is one of the newest additions to our team. Isaac is incredibly efficient and effective in his management, but what we love about him is his ability to see the vision of what we are trying to accomplish at Panther City Arbor & Patio. Isaac is also bilingual as a native Spanish speaker and comes from a background of working in ministry here in Fort Worth. 

Brian Lai

Brian Lai

E-Commerce/Product Manager

Fun Fact: Brian traveled to 15 countries, where to next?

Learn More About Brian

Brian is our resident website and product manager. He is our expert when it comes to anything outdoor product-related installed in our construction projects or for our sister company The Collective Outdoors. Brian is originally from Malaysia, and he brings a wide variety of interests in cuisine. He is regularly trying new and interesting restaurants around Texas, and he will always offer an honest review. His interest in food doesn’t end at visiting restaurants, he is also an incredible cook, in fact, we even put him in charge of the grill at our last company party.

Jeff Presley

Jeff Presley

Outdoor Living Designer

Fun Fact: Jeff can recall any quote from the 9 seasons of Seinfield, down to the episode. 

Learn More About Jeff

Jeff takes a vision and turns it into a designed reality. He spent the majority of his career building pools and outdoor spaces in Las Vegas, NV. We met Jeff a few years after he had moved to Texas and he has been a creative addition to our team. Jeff is incredibly meticulous and leaves no detail untouched. He also never misses a minute of the University of Oklahoma football, there are sports fans and then there’s Jeff, a sports fanatic. His passion for sports is not just limited to Football but also includes golf, baseball, basketball, and tennis.

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