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Let’s Keep the Flame Alive with Fireplace Repair and outdoor fireplaces fort worth Installation

A crisp evening, wonderful stars above, and a warm glow of a flickering flame… have you ever dreamed about such cozy fireplace gatherings in your backyard? 

If yes, then now is the right time to transform your boring backyard into a cozy haven. We at Panther City Arbor & Patio can help you explore the allure of fireplaces and fire pits and make them the most functional and attractive features of your house. 

Ready to add the homey feel of a blazing fire in your small backyard? Contact our team of fireplace repair Fort Worth and add some warmth and charm to your outdoor oasis.

Fort Worth TX gas fireplace and Fire Pits: The Heart and Soul of Your Backyard!

Whether it’s a romantic evening with your partner, a lively gathering with family & friends, or just a simple and peaceful solo retreat, we bet that fireplaces and fire pits set your mood after a hectic day and offer more comfort and inner peace. 

We can help you enhance the overall look of your backyard with an outdoor wood fireplace setup in Fort Worth Texas, as well as add some comfy seating, which surely is an instant recipe for relaxation and connection.

With our fireplace and fire pits installation services in Fort Worth, not only can you draw your favorite people together but also enjoy some unforgettable moments to cherish for life. 

Tell us whether you prefer the elegance of a fireplace or the communal vibe of a fire pit, we are here to turn every dream into reality.

Fort Worth Outdoor Fire Pit Installation: Let’s Hear Out Some Benefits!

Are you planning to add a custom fire pit in your backyard? Wait. Let’s hear out some benefits of outdoor fire pit installation in Fort Worth before you make a final move.

Design Flexibility

Fire pits can be created in different forms and designs and can be customized to match your outdoor aesthetic, from rustic to contemporary.

360 Degree Ambiance

Did you know a custom fire pit gives a more communal vibe? It simply allows people to gather around from all sides, fostering connectivity and interaction.

Versatile Seating

When you choose the open design of fire pits, you can enjoy the flexibility in deciding on different seating arrangements, from benches to stylish wood chairs.

Cooking Options

We can help you design a fire pit equipped with grilling surfaces or accessories that make cooking easier, making them a versatile option for outdoor dining.

Economical Choice

Fire pits are not only attractive but probably the most budget-friendly solution, making them an accessible choice for homeowners in Fort Worth.

Wondering “Why a fireplace is a good addition to my home in Fort Worth?” Discover from the Experts of Fort Worth TX fireplace Installation


Let’s hear about some benefits to answer the question.

Exude Elegance

Outdoor fireplaces often exude elegance and look more formal and appealing to the eyes, ideal for cozy evenings and intimate atmospheres.

Focused Heat

Fireplaces typically offer a more concentrated source of warmth, which makes them a great option for smaller gatherings or heating specific areas.

Built-in Seating for Comfort

Our team can help you design outdoor fireplaces with built-in seating, enhancing the sense of style, relaxation, and comfort.

Enhanced Privacy

The enclosed structure of a fireplace offers additional privacy and creates a secluded retreat within your small backyard.

Increased Value

Above all, outdoor fireplaces can add significant value to your property, as it has been considered the most premium feature in real estate in Fort Worth.

Our 3-Step Process


Design and Consultation

First, we arrange an initial meeting and do some collaborative planning to define your vision and select materials.




Professional Installation

In the second phase, our skilled craftsmen build and install the chosen feature, and pay close attention to safety and aesthetics.




Final Touches

In the end, it’s time to conduct a final test to ensure everything operates smoothly, and then we provide a demonstration of how to use your new firepit or fireplace.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a fireplace or fire pit for my backyard?
Fire Pits and fireplaces are undoubtedly excellent additions to your home. They provide warmth, ambiance, and coziness, and are also a focal point for outdoor gatherings. Not only that but they are also known to extend the usability of your outdoors into cooler seasons.
Can you tell me the outdoor fire pit cost?
Well, the costs may vary depending on your choice of materials, patterns, colors, and other options you choose. Discuss your vision with us, and we will tell you the exact estimates for your outdoor fire pit.
Please brief me about the outdoor fireplace cost.
Well, the costs may vary according to your choices. A typical outdoor fireplace cost is usually $3,000 on average, and its overall range is between $1,200 and $21,000. You can contact our team to discuss further about the costs.
How should I choose between a firepit and a fireplace for my backyard?
You should choose between them after focusing on various factors like available space, design & style preferences, and intended use. Firepits offer design flexibility and versatile seating and are better for larger groups, while fireplaces provide focused heat as well as look more aesthetic. So, make sure you have all the information about them before choosing firepits and fireplaces installation.
What fuel options are available for fire pits and fireplaces?
There are different fuel options available. For example, you can choose between wood-burning, gas, or propane options. Wood provides a better campfire feel, while gas and propane offer more control, comfort, and convenience.
Can I use fire pits and fireplaces all-year round?
Of course, you can. With perfect planning and design, it’s possible to enjoy your fire pit or fireplace all year round. Gas or propane options are particularly suitable for this purpose.
How long does the installation process take?
Well, it depends on the complexity of your project. Simple fire pit installations may take a few days, while more intricate fire pit or fireplace constructions could take a few weeks.
Is it possible to customize the design of my fire pit or fireplace?
Absolutely. Our team works closely with you to create a design that matches your style, preferences, and outdoor aesthetics, from choosing materials to selecting colors, and decorative finishes.

“Fire that’s closet kept burns most of all.”

Williams Shakespear

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