These Fort Worth homeowners knew that they wanted to change their backyard. They began planning the project and talking with Panther City Arbor & Patio to figure out what they wanted, and the result was a beautiful space where they could entertain friends and family!

This Fort Worth family finally got to remodel their backyard.

  • There was no patio

  • There was no fire pit

  • No outdoor living space

  • No outdoor kitchen

  • Very little landscaping

This project included a bunch of new features for the yard:

  1. All new landscaping, including new walkways and retaining walls
  2. An outdoor living space with a complete outdoor kitchen
  3. Added plenty of seating options, especially around the new firepit
  4. A pool house to enjoy during those hot summer months
  5. We landscaped with new plants and trees, so there would be plenty of shade during hot summer days when you want to relax by your poolside!
  6. We also added some great lighting and fans to ensure everyone is comfortable.

This is a great example of what can be done in your backyard. You don’t have to settle for the boring, old deck or swingset that you’ve had forever–you can build something new and exciting!

All backyards are not created equal. Backyards can range from the most basic of lawns to the most elaborate of outdoor living spaces, complete with outdoor kitchen, dining area, television, and more. We proudly offer complete backyard renovation, to help get your backyard from blah to amazing fast. We can have dozens of options when it comes to complete backyard design, all aimed at sprucing up your backyard.


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