Unfortunately, many of us just simply can’t fit in that hot tub or large outdoor dining area with accompanying BBQ in our backyards. For some of us, we need to embrace the space that we have, even if that is on the small side.

The upshot is, you don’t need a large space to have a nice space. Plenty of smaller backyards can still be conducive to dining al fresco and entertaining friends as well as having more intimate and romantic purposes too. Let’s have a look at some smaller backyard ideas to entice your imagination so you can make the most of your smaller space.

Coziness Inspired

If your yard is on the small side, it means it’s automatically cozy. If you design it well with a place to sit with your love or your friends, it can be a dreamy and cozy space. You could have a small garden sofa and a firepit. A few cushions, blankets and soft lighting can make the difference between a too-small space to a cozy dreamy backyard.

Multi-Purpose Yard

You want a garden, dining space and greenhouse but can’t have them all. Why not combine the three? Have a terrace that’s a dining space with a swing chair and carefully planted areas and you can have everything you’ve dreamed of in a small space!

Leveling it Up

Creating levels adds the illusion of having a bigger backyard. Visually, everything is broken up and each level has its purpose. The bottom layer could be a patio for dining with another layer for shrubberies and plants.

Something for the Sun

Want a pool but no room? Why not create a decking area and give it the summer on-the-ship vibe! You might even be able to squeeze in a hot tub if space allows. It might not be the pool you want, but it’s a little bit of the way there.


If you want your space to be romantic, having a few things around will give it the love vibe. Some string lights and wooden, rustic furniture with a fire can give you yard that feeling of lurrrve.


If you are wanting something Zen, try adding a water feature into your small backyard. Something small and simple like a little trickling fountain can bring all the peace and tranquility of an East Asian garden, bringing peace to everyone sharing the space.

Eyecatcher of a Tile

You want a patio space, but it isn’t big. What can you do to make it more appealing? Simply varying up the patio tiles you choose can have a big impact. Some designs of patio tiles are so eye-catching that they take away the fact that the space is limited. Some can even create the illusion of a bigger area too!

Fill the Space

With such a small yard, you may feel like keeping it empty to maximize space. However, adding things into it can actually create a better vibe out there. Small spaces can look at space and awkward when they are empty. Putting in a few key pieces can make the area look well-cared for and well-planned, so much so that you don’t notice the lack of space.

The Take-Away

There you have it! Eight ideas to transform a tiny backyard into a workable and enjoyable space. Which ones will you try?


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