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Make a Wood Fence Part of Your American Dream

There is nothing more quintessentially representative of the American dream than a white picket wood fence. For decades, white picket fences have stood for family and stability, and white picket fences have traditionally been made from wood. Nowadays you have so many more options when it comes to wood fencing than just white picket though. But each and every wood fence is a great option if you want the privacy, security, and value a fence can add to your home.

Wood Fences are one of the most popular fencing options, and have been for years and years because of the benefits associated with them. Constructed from renewable materials, wood fences are one of the more eco friendly options. Wood fences are also typically cheaper and easier to install than other fencing options, sucha s wrought iron, which makes them a more accessible option. It can be very simple to maintain wooden fencing as well, and it comes in a multitude of different options. All of these reasons contribute to why wood fences are a great option for nearly any fencing project.

More than Just White Picket with Our Wood Fences

Wooden fencing is truly one of the most versatile and customizable fencing options out there. Nearly every aspect of a wood fence is able to be tailored to your individual design desires. You can customize just about everything, from the height of the wood fence, to the color of the stain, to the design of the fence itself. You can even mount flower boxes to the wooden fence to give it extra curb appeal. The options are truly endless when it comes to wood fences.

Our wood fences can be built to match any surrounding area, or stand out beautifully. We offer tons of different style options to fit your needs, and can give you the height you need to ensure the privacy of your family. If you can dream it up, we can help you install it. Call one of our wood fence experts today and we can answer any questions you might have, or get started on your beautiful wood fence.

Easy Maintenance and Low Cost with Wooden Fencing

One of the many reasons more and more homeowners are looking into wooden fencing as an option is due to the low cost and easy maintenance of wooden fencing. Wooden fencing is extremely cost effective because the materials are much cheaper than something like wrought iron. Additionally, wood fences are simpler to install, saving you on labor costs, and time. A wood fence goes up much cheaper and easier than most other types of fences.

Wood fences can also be incredibly easy to care for and maintain. A simple stain will help prevent water damage, splitting, and UV damage from prematurely ageing your fence. Most often all that is needed to properly maintain a good wood fence is a scrubbing brush, deck cleaner, and a bit of water. This simple maintenance can help keep your wood fence looking great for up to 50 years if done regularly and in a proper fashion. It is easy to see why people all over love our wood fences.

Why We Build the Best Wood Fences

After reading up on some of the benefits of wood fences, you might be ready to start the process. There is just one issue. Who do you get to build your new wood fence? The answer is right in front of you, Panther City Arbor and Patio. We are a family owned and operated business with a true passion for beautifying our community. Installing gorgeous wood fences is just one of the many ways we do that.

We put a lot of effort into ensuring that our work meets the most rigorous of standards when it comes to wooden fencing. We know a good wood fence needs to look great, keep your home safe, and stand the test of time. That is why we put an unparalleled amount of care and dedication into each and every single wood fence installation we undertake. We want to give you the very best when it comes to wood fencing.

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